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  • Khumo Sebambo

Bridging the Gender Gap in Finance and Private Equity: Insights from Women Leaders

In the rapidly evolving landscape of finance and private equity, the gender gap persists as a challenge we are determined to overcome. Through candid conversations with industry luminaries, we gain valuable insights into how we can encourage more women to join the ranks, tackle career challenges, and shape a more inclusive future. Let's delve into the perspectives shared by Titi Sekhukhune, Boipelo Ntsaluba, Naomi Nethengwe, and Onika Victor, as they shed light on the path toward gender diversity and equality.

Titi Sekhukhune: Advocating Intentional Change

In the pursuit of closing the gender gap, Titi Sekhukhune underlines the power of representation. She urges us to showcase successful female leaders who mirror the aspirations of young women in the finance and private equity sector. Titi emphasises that incumbents in the industry must actively hire, support, and spotlight women, just as affirmative action measures once transformed the industry's diversity landscape.

When addressing the challenges women face, Titi points out the difficulty of breaking into the "men's club." She calls on male peers to proactively bolster the credibility of their female colleagues by extending networking opportunities.

Tabane Matheolane: Diversity is a must-have for sound financial choices

When it comes to finance and private equity, the value of diverse perspectives cannot be overstated. Embracing varied backgrounds, and skills is a strategic move towards optimal decision-making and prosperous investments. As we blend unique viewpoints, we pave the way for more informed choices and better financial outcomes.

Inclusive decision-making isn't just a checkbox; it's a game-changer. When we purposefully integrate diverse thinking into our processes, we tap into a wellspring of innovation and creativity. This leads us to uncover opportunities others might overlook and navigate complexities with a wider lens.

Boipelo Ntsaluba: Sharing Experiences for Empowerment

Boipelo Ntsaluba advocates for women sharing their lived experiences to inspire others, particularly women of colour. She underscores the importance of increasing the visibility of black women in these spaces. Boipelo also stresses the role of intentional efforts by fund managers and investors to elevate women into meaningful positions with strong support systems.

Regarding challenges, Boipelo highlights systemic hurdles and gender bias. She highlights the need for women to prove their track record while men often advance based on potential. Additionally, she acknowledges the significance of relationships and connections, which can pose unique challenges for women.

Naomi Nethengwe: Crafting Inclusive Environments

Naomi Nethengwe believes that creating professional environments accommodating to all genders is pivotal in attracting more women to finance and private equity. She underscores the transformative power of mentorship and networking in empowering aspiring female professionals to thrive in the industry.

Naomi also emphasises that organisations must recognise the manifold benefits of diversity and integrate this perspective into workplace culture. Representation from diverse demographics at all organisational levels is a crucial step toward fostering an inclusive environment.

Onika Victor: Celebrating Our Unique Contributions

As Onika Victor reflects on her role within the finance and private equity realm, she recognises the importance of supporting the team and streamlining operations. My organisational prowess plays a pivotal part in driving our team's success. I acknowledge the tendencies women often grapple with – self-doubt and the intricate balance of work and personal life. Nevertheless, we bring an abundance of experience to the table, enriching our work environment in unique ways.

It is essential to amplify women's representation, champion intentional support, and foster environments that celebrate diversity. By doing so, we can collectively bridge the gender gap in finance and private equity, creating a future that is equitable, vibrant, and filled with opportunities for all.


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