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Investing in
the future


At Infinite Partners we back people. Founders, entrepreneurs, executives, managers. 

We invest behind compelling vision underpinned by executable strategy. We seek alignment to support teams to deliver on this vision. 

We see our capital as an enabler that propels the businesses we partner with:

  • the pursuit of growth

  • to effect acquisitions,  

  • facilitate generational change

  • management buy-in's,

  • partial and full realisations

  • buyouts of larger groups

As an active investor, we seek meaningful stakes to ensure true partnership and alignment - and look to deploy R100-350m per investment.  The capital we deploy confers 100% black ownership to the equity we own in our investments.

We invest across varying sectors, with a keen focus on businesses in growth and stable stages of their life cycles, that are EBITDA positive and have strong cashflows


Our current portfolio, which we manage in Ethos Mid Market Fund I (EMMF I):

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