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"Reflections and Milestones: Celebrating One Year of Success"

Edward Pitsi, CEO of leading private equity firm Infinite Partners
Edward Pitsi, CEO and Founding Partner, Infinite Partners

They say time flies when you’re having fun. Indeed, the past 12 months have gone very quickly and today we celebrate Infinite Partners turning One. Milestones require us to be reflective and as we pause to reflect on the year that has been, our hearts and minds are filled with gratitude and acknowledgement of the experiences that have brought us to where we are today.

Let’s go back to the beginning. Why did we establish Infinite Partners? The fullness of time brought us to a place where we felt ready to embark on this independent venture as a team of highly experienced individuals who had spent more than a decade at one of the leading private equity firms on the African continent. The inspiration behind our journey is rooted in a deep desire to create a firm that is truly differentiated across a variety of aspects.

I am proud to say that we are well on our way. We operate a business with a flat organisational structure and a high-performance culture. This allows our people to operate in an environment which fosters inclusivity, transparency, swift decision-making and a culture that is both challenging and supportive. This is all geared towards one goal: excelling across the private equity value chain, and delivering returns and sustainable impact.

Some of our achievements thus far include the following: setting up end-to-end structures in the firm which are tested and functioning; recruiting talented individuals who operate in our business support, operations and investment teams. Their diverse backgrounds and ways of thinking have enriched our team dynamic which has reinforced our belief in the power of diversity; concluding our first transaction in April with the investment into the e4 Group and the creation of our new fund (underpinned by the support we obtained from our cornerstone investor).

We are also on the cusp of formally launching the fundraising programme for Infinite Partners Core Equity Fund II, this, alongside driving reverse flows and exits in Fund I are our primary focus going forward. Once we achieve the above two goals, we will have a platform to innovate and introduce new products to the market.

We are also grateful for the support we have received from people from within and outside of our network – your well wishes, contributions and advice have spurred us on over the last 12 months.

On to the next twelve months.

Khula Infinite Khula


Edward Pitsi and the Infinite Partners Family


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